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Oishi Sushi adopts the Japanese method of Sushi making. Using natural authentic ingredients such as ginger, fresh sashimi and wakame seaweed, designed to provide a healthy but tasty alternative to daily meal routines. In keeping with the Japanese tradition, vegetables are not pan-fried , allowing them to retain all their inherent nutrients. It is no wonder the Japanese people have the world's longest longevity.

The owner, Chef John Xiao,  has worked and served in Tokyo. Coming to Canada has afforded him the opportunity to demonstrate the Traditional Japanese skills he has learned, accompanied by his unique innovative flair. 

With this new restaurant, we are excited to announce that we will be utilizing Canadian Maple syrup in the process of making our Sushi rice. Unlike most restaurants, who mainly use sugar in their rice vinegar, our use of Canadian Maple syrup will actually be healthier.  Why? Fewer calories as well as providing additional nutrients and antioxidants that regular sugar cannot provide.

We hope you will enjoy your time with us and allow us to serve you our Healthy and Delicious Japanese cuisine


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